Weijie Wei

PhD student @ University of Amsterdam

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About Me

I am a PhD candidate at University of Amsterdam, supervised by Prof. dr. Theo Gevers and co-supervised by Dr. ret. nat. Martin R. Oswald. Also, I regularly discuss research problems with Dr. Fatemeh Karimi Nejadasl. Prior to that, I obtained my Master's degree under the supervision of Prof. dr. Zhi Liu at Shanghai University.

I focus on 3D Understanding, particularly on LiDAR point clouds. I also have experience with visual attention modeling, saliency prediction and object segmentation.


  • [08/2023] One paper got accepted to ICCV Workshop.
  • [04/2021] Start my PhD at ATLAS Lab, which is a collobration between Tomtom and UvA.
  • [02/2021] One paper got accepted to Signal processing: Image communication.
  • [10/2020] Granted the National Scholarship.
  • [06/2020] One paper got accepted to Neurocomputing.


[x] W Wei, FK Nejadasl, T Gevers, MR Oswald, "T-MAE: Temporal Masked Autoencoders for Point Cloud Representation Learning", under review. | arXiv | Code |

Selected Publications

[4] W Wei, MR Oswald, FK Nejadasl, T Gevers, "APNet: Urban-level Scene Segmentation of Aerial Images and Point Clouds", ICCV Workshop, Oct. 2023. | arXiv | Code |
[3] W. Wei, Z. Liu, L. Huang, Z. Wang, W. Chen, T. Zhang, J. Wang, and L. Xu, "Identify autism spectrum disorder via dynamic filter and deep spatiotemporal feature extraction," Signal Processing: Image Communication, vol. 94, pp. 116195, May. 2021.
[2] W. Wei, Z. Liu, L. Huang, A. Nebout, O. Le Meur, T. Zhang, J. Wang, and L. Xu, "Predicting atypical visual saliency for autism spectrum disorder via scale-adaptive inception module and discriminative region enhancement loss," Neurocomputing, Sep. 2020. | Code |
[1] W. Wei, Z. Liu, L. Huang, A. Nebout, and O. Le Meur, "Saliency prediction via multi-level features and deep supervision for children with autism spectrum disorder," presented at IEEE Int. Conf. on Multimedia & Expo Workshops (ICMEW), Jul. 2019. | Code |

The full publication list can be found in Google Scholar.

Education & Experiences

  • PhD student in Computer Science.
    Apr. 2021 - present. University of Amsterdam

  • M. Eng. in Signals and Information Processing.
    Sep. 2018 - Mar. 2021. Shanghai University

  • B. Eng. in Communication Engineering.
    Sep. 2014 - Jul. 2018. Shanghai University

Awards & Honors

  • [10/2020] National Scholarship. SHU
  • [10/2020] Tier 1 Scholarship. SHU.
  • [10/2019] Tier 1 Scholarship. SHU.
  • [10/2018] Tier 1 Scholarship. SHU.
  • [07/2018] Outstanding Graduate. SHU


  • [07/2019] Champion of the ICME2019 Grand Challenge -- Saliency4ASD Track 1
  • [12/2018] Our team (Guangjin Pan, Chuxuan Cheng and Weijie Wei) won the second prize of China Post-Graduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling
  • [11/2016] Our team (Jinxue Liu, Zhiming Yi and Weijie Wei) won the first prize of the National Undergraduate Electronic Design Contest (Shanghai division)
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